ICVB Forms


Purchase Authorization Request Form
Complete this form to obtain pre-authorization before making a purchase (especially on your company credit card).  Examples would be flowers for a client’s funeral, out-of-the-ordinary Staples purchase, training videos, gift baskets and accessories, specialty items under $3,000, etc.

Purchase Payment Request Form
Complete this form for the following:
     An invoice that needs to be paid
     Accounting department needs to generate a Purchase Order
     Accounting department needs to obtain bids (use “TBD” as the Check Payable To)
     Request for an AmEx gift cards (use “AmEx Gift Card” as the Check Payable To)

Expense Reporting Missing Receipt Replacement
Complete this form and attach to your Nexonia expense report when you are missing the original receipt

BizDip Check Request Form
Complete this form to initiate a routing request authorizing payment of BizDip.


Time Off

Leave Request 
(Includes two days or less remote work request per pay period)

Overtime Approval

Remote Request 
(Use ONLY when requesting more than two remote days per pay period)



GEM Awards