Mandalay Canals

The Mandalay Canals are a charming part of the Las Colinas Urban Center. Inspired by the canals of Venice, the Mandalay Canals wind through restaurants, shops and office buildings.  Offering visitors scenic views of waterfalls, vine-covered bridges, and “Old World” charm, the canals are iconic reminders of Ben Carpenter’s visionary development.  

Various restaurants face the canals and offer patio seating, a perfect spot for late-night gatherings, wedding receptions and special occasions.  With shimmering lights reflecting off its waters, navigating the canals in an intimate and authentic Italian Gondola creates the perfect romantic getaway.  

Follow the tree-lined, cobblestone walkway stretching 3-miles around Lake Carolyn and the canals.  It’s both peaceful and stirring--the perfect gathering spot for those wanting to take a break from workday stress or get in a morning run.

Several times throughout the year, Lake Carolyn and the Mandalay Canals are host to many community events.  With ample parking in nearby office buildings, this area is a perfect place to hold year-round activities, including: